I have just uploaded the following to the http://life.bio.sunysb.edu/morph


tpsUtil version 1.74. Adds a feature suggested by Sonja Windhager. The
reorder &delete specimens option can now read a vector of 0 or 1 values to
indicate which specimens should be deleted or kept in a file. 


tpsRelw version 1.67. A number of small problems fixed. Also updated the
help file.


tpsSuper - still version 2.03 but recompiled with the newer version of the


The problems with the 64 bit versions (for 64 bit Windows versions) of the
tps software seem to have been fixed in the new compiler version.


As always, let me know of any problems or suggestions for the tps software.


F. James Rohlf, Distinguished Professor, Emeritus. Ecology & Evolution

Research Professor, Anthropology

Stony Brook University


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