Dear colleagues,

I’m working with a 2D dataset from fly wings. I have run my analysis in
MorphoJ where I did extract many classifiers from the ID string.

Now, I’m working with the same dataset with Geomorph, because I want to do
run some specific multivariate analysis  but I have two specific questions
I could not find the answer to:

1 – Is there any function in Geomorph that is similar to “Extract
classifiers from ID string…” in MorphoJ?

2 – Is it possible in MorphoJ software to export/write a file with
procrustes coordinates, Centroid size AND all the classifiers to an .csv,
.txt or .xls file?

Kind regards,
Marcos Patrício Macedo, M.Sc.
Laboratório de Biologia Evolutiva,
Departamento de Genética e Morfologia
Universidade de Brasília, Brasília, DF, 70910-900, Brasil

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