Andrey, the last time I checked this (last July, I believe), differences between MorphoJ and TPSRelw were tiny and negligible. I compared MorphoJ with R in the last days, and again differences were tiny.

The first thing I'd check is whether there's an issue with commas vs dots as decimal separators.
If you send me the tps file, I can give a quick look.



On 31/10/17 11:09, Andrey Lissovsky wrote:
I guess, my question is very simple.. I didn't use geometry morphometrics for 
many years and fail to start now. Something changed.
My partial task is very easy. I have a tps file with a set of specimens with 
landmark coordinates. And O want to carry out Procrustes fit. More exactly, I 
want to have a set of Procrustes coordinates to use in another analysis.
First of all, I carried out Procrustes analysis in MorphoJ. I obtained some 
result. I didn't like it and had an idea to check Procrustes coordinates in 
In TPSRelw I used File-Save-Aligned specimens and got Procrustes coordinates, I 
hope. But... There is no correlation between PC in MorphoJ and TPSRelw. What is 
wrong in my actions? Thank you


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