I tried to correlate PCs of Procrustes coordinates from MorphoJ and TPS 
now, r is about 1. So my main problem was the stupid idea to look for 
correlation column by column.
My general idea is to compare variance components of some factors (sex, age 
etc) in general GM dataset of some pikas teeth. Since I use the sum of 
variances in all columns only, I guess there is no difference, which 
Procrustes fitting was used.

On Tuesday, October 31, 2017 at 7:06:05 PM UTC+3, alcardini wrote:
> Dear All, 
> yes, there are differences and they're data dependent but in Andrey's 
> case (as it's my experience all the times I checked with my own data) 
> they're very small. 
> I gave a very quick look and it's better to check more carefully. 
> However, in the screenshot one can see the % of variance explained 
> computed in PAST 2.17, MorphoJ and TPSRelw: they're almost identical and 
> PC1 vs PC2 in the three programs (not shown) look the same except for 
> flipping one or the other axis. 
> The issue may have something to do with special characters in the TPS 
> file: I could run it in TPSRelw only after converting to NTS, which 
> removed the special characters in the image names. 
> Cheers 
> Andrea 

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