Hi All,

I'm trying to analyze measurement error in MorphoJ but I'm running into a 
problem. When I digitized my landmarks I used tpsDIG2, however I had to 
organize those coordinates into a CSV. file because I digitized them in two 
separate .tps files and tpsUtil wouldn't allow me to open the one that required 
I delete some specimens I didn't landmark (I thus couldn't join the two files 
for analysis). So I collated them in a CSV. However, when I look at the 
outliers in MorphoJ the landmarks come out in a horizontal line instead of in 
the shape of a mandible. I can't analyze this. It doesn't seem to take the 
x,y-coordinate as coordinate pairs, from what I can see it places 26 landmarks 
in a horizontal line, instead of the 13 pairs I digitized. Anyone have any 

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