I am working with a NextEngine Laser scanner trying to create 3D models of 
Avonlea Projectile Points for my Masters Thesis. I am having difficulty 
with the scanner not being about to stitch the individual scans together to 
create a 3D model. I think I've tried just about everything I can think of 
to make it work but I still come up short. 

I am wondering if the problem is that the projectile points I am working 
with are just too small for the scanner to handle? The points range from 14 
to 23mm, and about 2-3mm thick.

I have been able to scan points that are larger about 26 to 35mm in length, 
6mm at their widest point and get a successful 3D model out of it. Does 
anyone have any suggestions? 

The settings I am using right now are a 360 scan, 14-16 divisions, 3.3 
thousand points per inch, neutral for colour, and a distance from the 
scanner of about 9.5 inches. I am covering the scanner completely with a 
card board box to ensure there is no change in light. 

Any help or suggestions would be great. I have been trying to make this 
work for the past 2 months. 


Callie Diduck
Master's Candidate
Department of Archaeology and Anthropology 
University of Saskatchwan 

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