Hi There,

I recently decided to reuse some data from an old 2D GM project on swine tooth 
morphology. When I went to rerun some of my data using my project's original 
code, I was unable to perform a general procrustes analysis using gpagen 
without receiving the error message: Error in x[s[, 3], ]: subscript out of 
bounds. I continued to receive this message after re-running all of my old 
data. I'm not sure why there would be an issue with the dimensionality of my 
data now, that did not exist before. I decided to rebuild a TPS file for 
superimposition and creation of a new sliders file. This also did not work. 

I'm not very experienced with R or the TPS suites, so it's likely that I'm 
overlooking something very simple, but after spinning my wheels on this for a 
few days I wanted to reach out for advice. Any help would be greatly 

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