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At the Faculty of Life Sciences of the University of Vienna the position of 
a "University Professor of Theoretical Evolutionary Biology" is to be 
The advertised professorship shall cover the advancement and application of 
theoretical approaches – including conceptual, mathematical, and 
statistical analysis – to different levels of organismal complexity. The 
candidate should have a background both in biology and a theoretical or 
computational discipline, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary and 
integrative research. Preference is given to approaches to understand 
biological systems from the molecular to the inter-organismal level, 
encompassing developmental to evolutionary time scales. To foster and 
complement cooperation among the research groups, the candidate's research 
should link to animal development, behavior or morphology, in an 
evolutionary context. The candidate should be enthusiastic to teach a 
theoretical discipline (e.g. mathematics, statistics, systems theory) and 
its application to evolutionary and organismal biology.

For more details and application see:

Please note that the application deadline is 15 April 2018.

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