Morphometrics colleagues,

Version 3.0.6 of geomorph has now been released and is up on the CRAN 
repository for download and installation. As with all version updates, changes 
have been documented in the News file.

Of particular note is the incorporation of a refined residual randomization 
permutation procedure (RRPP) which is more general than its predecessor. For 
OLS models, the method is equivalent to the previous version and thus 
unchanged. However, for GLS models, the refined RRPP procedure is preferable 
and more widely applicable for statistical designs such as phylogenetic 
regression, phylogenetic anova, and phylogenetic factorial models.

A discussion of the procedure, and of the theory of exchangeable units from 
which the method is derived, is found in a recent paper in Evolution: Adams and 
Collyer. 2018. Phylogenetic anova: group-clade aggregation, biological 
challenges, and a refined permutation procedure. (found at ). Also, for the 
macroevolutionary biologists in the group, that paper also discusses how group 
dispersion across the phylogeny can affect statistical and thus biological 
inferences with respect to covariation patterns with phenotypic traits.


Dean (on behalf of the geomorph team: Dean, Mike, and Antigoni)

Dr. Dean C. Adams
Director of Graduate Education, EEB Program
Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology
Iowa State University<>
phone: 515-294-3834

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