::  ISO spec says the maximum should be 8191.  But as part of huffman
::  decoding, you sometimes add 15 to the result, yielding values as large
::  as 8206.  Right now, LAME (and the ISO dist10 code) will make use of
::  the full range: values up to 8206. 
::  The question is, should LAME be modified to limit this range to 8191.
How likely is it that music triggers this error?

When it is very unlikely in music, I would fix it in Lame.

  * unlikely in music means that it is very unlikely to improve
    music' quality by using factor from 1FFF to 200E.
  * unlikely in music also means that it is not (urgent) necessary
    to fic this bug in WinAmp to play correctly older lame encoded

Does it decrease performance to make this command line configurable?

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