Dear MPB Community,

This may be useful to some of you. Kogence <> is
offering free cloud supercomputing for MPB (and even MEEP) simulations of
optical structures. You can fire simulations on machines as good as
128cores on single node, or cluster many such nodes together. This is an
attempt to bring excellent open source software such as MPB to broader
users who can try executing simulations and interact with results instantly
through the browser itself.

See the MPB example of a  diamond structure simulation.
you can also create your own MPB project from scratch. You can keep the
project private or share it with collaborators. Details are provided here

There are also 10+ public MEEP projects
<> that you can fork, modify and

Kogence, also hosts ready to fork and execute models library built with
other open source optics software for free cloud supercomputing : RCWA (S4
<>and REMS
<>), Near Field Radiation (MESH
<>), Time Domain (FDTD+
<>). A complete list of
simulators we host can be found here.

If you run into any issues, please feel free to contact us at:

sunil.sandhu at alumni DOT stanford DOT edu


mukul AT alumni DOT stanford DOT edu.

Sunil & Mukul
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