On Aug 8 2019, Jeff Hammond wrote:

That you use code that does unsafe conversions really has nothing to do with the business of the MPI Forum.

Again, if you think C89 is the best C, then use and teach that. No one here is trying to make you use C11.

Please don't be infantile.  I am thankfully retired, but spent 43 years
supporting scientific computing, including as our organisation's C expert,
and 15 years on SC22WG14.  As I have said (twice now, if I recall) "This
is not about MY code."

Jim Dinan has pointed out that unsafe conversions are a feature of the
C language, and I can confirm that they have been basic to the language
since K&R C and still are, in both C and C++, and are relied on in the
vast majority of the many dozens of large C codes I have ported, worked
on and advised people with.

He actually understated the problem, as assignment is not the only factor
that makes this such a foul issue.

Nick Maclaren.

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