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On 8/13/19 5:54 AM, Jed Brown via mpi-forum wrote:

Few packages will accept a hard dependency on MPI-4 for at least 10
years.  MS-MPI still doesn't fully support MPI-2.1, for example, and
PETSc only recently began requiring MPI-2.0.

That is a sad truth: I just had a colleague asking me about a >6y old Open MPI release...

It's not just MPI!  But it's not as sad as all that.  Interfaces that
handle upwards compatibility well, like Fortran and MPI, continue to
accept old code.  And, if people don't have problems with their MPI,
there is simply no need for most of them to upgrade - especially if they
are not changing that part of their code.

Please continue to preserve this tradition!

Nick Maclaren.

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