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> The September MPI Forum is coming up quickly and the deadline for announcing 
> readings, errata proposals or voting ballots is THIS THURSDAY. Please send 
> any announcement, as usual, to the entire forum list. Also, if there are any 
> other requests for the agenda, please let me know. I will combine them with 
> the requests I have already gotten and create an agenda in the coming days.

I would like to have an errata reading (ticket 69) in the September meeting;


Wesley suggested to have an errata reading, not as a ticket0. This update is a 
byproduct of the FP16 changes (but no accepted anyway).

This is a very simple changes;

- updating IEEE 754 standard reference (from old 1985 to new 2008)
- change the verbatim table of the type names and sizes to latex tables in 
        Subsection 13.5.2 "External Data Representation: 'external32'"
- a minor wording changes (see below)
        These are the IEEE“Single (binary32),”“Double (binary64),”and
        “Double Extended (binary128)” formats, requiring 4, 8, and 
        16 bytes of storage, respectively.

I think it will take not more than 10 minutes.

Atsushi HORI

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