Dear Don Samuels:

I attended a candidate debate for 5th Ward Council held at North high school. 
You and Natalie Johnson-Lee are the candidates that debated. Stunningly, 
during a candidate and policy debate, you called Travis Lee, NJL's husband, a 
"pornographer" and alluded to the "Trendsetter". 

The "Trendsetter" is a periodical newspaper published by Travis Lee. It is 
available for free in many retail stores along West Broadway, including our 
local Cub and McDonalds.

I have routinely grabbed copies of the paper and read it during my lunch 
break. I have seen photos of touring celebrities and local folks. Some were 
dancing, clowning, mugging, laughing, or even hugging. None that I recall were 
engaged in an explicit, nor non-explicit, sex act.

To my best recollection, I have never scene a pornographic photo nor read a 
pornographic passage in the Trendsetter newspaper.

For a public official to call a private citizen, not involved in the debate, 
a "pornographer" at a public and broadcast debate is a serious matter.

Don Samuels, could you please tell me what specific pornography you observed 
in the "Trendsetter"? Please include the issue number and date of issue, for 

Please offer specific documentation of your overtly defaming allegation. Or, 
please withdraw the allegation and apologize.

Thank you,

Keith Reitman  NearNorth

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