Many on the Issues lists forget who are some of the larger PACS.  The unions 
their COPE committees are one of the largest contributors to campaigns including
many of the City Council races.  Efforts to ban or restrict or force voluntary 
will restrict the way many of us union members effectively contribute to 

The Unions contribute directly to the campaign and also campaign separately for
the candidates just as the two Park Interest Groups.  Unions have always been
a mainstay of liberalism from workers rights to civil rights.  Many of the 
are public employee unions such as mine (Teachers Unions).  In effect our 
voices would be drowned out in the so called reform.  Elected officials would
be forced or pressured not to support legitimate union aims.  And Yes we tend
to support those who support us.

I know of no way to separate out Union PACS from other PACS.

Tony Scallon
Howe Neighborhood.

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