Tim Bonham <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
  I've been Treasurer for many party units, candidates, and joint 
campaigns over the years.

I just can't see that public financed campaigns would solve all these 
problems.  Just change to different problems.

Here's some that I see:
  ML :  (see previous post for list of problems)  
  There is a state-level proposal that seems to make a lot of sense that  
addresses many of Tim's concerns:  Fair and Clean Elections  (FACE).  A similar 
system might be workable at the city level  too.  
  We'd still have independent expenditures and candidates choosing to  forgoe 
public money in order to spend away their opponents, but  choosing this route 
looks even more unattractive with viable  alternative funding sources 
available.  It might be a challenge to  figure out the funding source at the 
city level, but consider it a  public investment in voter education and 
  Rather than attempt to run through this complicated issue here, I'll  point 
interested parties to the following link to learn more:  
  Would this model work for Minneapolis?  
  Does it adequately address Tim's concerns?  
  What say you, Minneapolis?  What the heck, East Minneapolis can chime in too. 
  Matty Lang, 

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