Tony and Others,

TONY SCALLON <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: Many on the Issues lists forget who are 
some of the larger PACS. The unions through their COPE committees are one of 
the largest contributors to campaigns including many of the City Council races. 
  PAC's represent business interests, lawyers, labor, environmental group, 
pro-choice, pro-life, hate groups, civil rights groups, and so on. They 
represent many segments of our society I personally agree with but that does 
mean the current system is working the best for all the people. 
  Creating a public financed campaign system in our city would create a more 
participatory democratic society. It would create a level playing field for all 
citizens regardless of their economic situation or institutional influence. 
Voting would have significant more power and thus hopefully more people would 
  Ken Bradley
  Kenny Neighborhood

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