Dan McGrath says: This study was entirely flawed, and biased, however. It lumps 
Hennepin and
Ramsey Counties together, does not distinguish between food and alcohol
sales, nor does it distinguish between bar and liquor store sales.

Brandt:  For my money, the Pioneer's analysis was first-class work and a public 
service.  Sure, it lumped data together at the county level in one chart, but 
for those who took the time to read past the front page, there was plenty of 
data that was detailed down to the sub-city level.  That data was far more 
valuable than the half-baked anecdotal evidence we've gotten to date.  I think 
it's important to note that the number of places selling liquor in Mpls is up 
overall since the ban.  And although the sales data didn't separate out liquor 
stores, it reported that separate data indicate that liquor store sales were 
basically flat. 

Steve Brandt

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