Hello Martin.

I have added in /polYdev/mse_multisys/ ==> modified mselibc.pas.
This to make MSEgui demo compilable on FreeBSD 32 bit.

This was added at line 1003:

{$ifdef freebsd}
{$ifndef cpu64}
ino_t = __ino_t;
gid_t = __gid_t;
mode_t = __mode_t;
uid_t = __uid_t;
off_t = __off_t;
blkside_t = __blkside_t;
blkcnt_t = __blkcnt_t;

With this change, MSEide (and all other MSEgui applications) can be 
compiled-running for FreeBSD 64/32.

Huh, line 993: {$ifdef linux} could be changed in place of adding the above 
But I do not know the syntax for {$if (def linux) or (def freebsd and def 
cpu32)}. ;-(

If you have plan to update MSEgui-Git to make MSEgui compilable-running on 
FreeBSD 32, of course I prefer the official mselibc.pas.
In attachment, working modified mselibc.pas.

PS: There is problem with fpc 3.0.0-FreeBSD-32bit and -XX parameter (smart 
Tested on native FreeBSD 32 bit too and the problem is the same: wrong ELF 
But without -XX, all fpc FreeBSD 32 applications run like charms.


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