> > Did you check if the size and structure of all system types are correct

> > for
> >
> > FreeBSD 32? They are defined in the *.h files of the FreeBSD
> > installation.
> No.
> Huh, ... there are billions of *.h files.
I know. And there are several levels of include files...

> Where do you prefer that I check ?
I don't know. Are there really FreeBSD 32 bit MSEide+MSEgui users? I assume
there are only 2 FreeBSD users and both use 64 bit so maybe your patch is
good enough.
Solely I don't like to integrate it in standard MSE distribution without the
possibility to test it myself.




OK, I will do like this: add the updated mselibc.pas in the directory of the 

And, of course, not touch to the official /mse/lib/kernel/mselibc.pas.

After a quick check in some of the *.h from /usr/include/, no missing 

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