On Wednesday 12 October 2016 14:12:53 mohamed hamza wrote:
> Hi martin,
>     I think it's  better to have an onStateRead and onStateWrite events
> like this  onStateRw(....;const lrw:boolean)
>    and then we can write if lrw then var := reader.readboolean(...) else 
> writer.writeboolean( ....;var)
>     I would not order you something. I just want to know your point of
> view.
There is TStatFile.OnStatUpdate and TStatFiler.IsWriter.
I didn't want to recommend OnStatUpdate because TWidget.Enabled is a property 
and can not be used in TStatFiler.UdateValue().
And OnStatRead and OnStatWrite have different parameters:
 statreadeventty = procedure(const sender: tobject;
                                  const reader: tstatreader) of object;
 statwriteeventty = procedure(const sender: tobject; 
                                  const writer: tstatwriter) of object;
OnStatUpdate is:
 statupdateeventty = procedure(const sender: tobject;
                                  const filer: tstatfiler) of object;
In your example OnStatUpdate can be used as:
>      nb: Sometimes  we have several instructions before readboolean or
> writeboolean.
I don't understand.


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