On Friday 12 May 2017 03:44:30 Edson H wrote:
> In order to avoid confusion I would suggest to use some standard or
> recommendation on names, something like "All class names must be preceded
> by the letter C"
In MSEgui I use "T" as prefix for class types. All other custom types have no 
prefix but "ty" postfix. There is also the {"P"} prefix for pointer 
types. "T" could be replaced by "C" which looks more correct.
> Sometime I think all the names of identifiers must be clear indicative of
> their type and even of the scope. Something, like PHP do with variables,
> but it would be another language.
I strongly am against the hungarian notation and generally use prefixes with 
caution. I think the start of a designator should contain the most important 
part in order to speed up vertical or block source scanning. For variables 
the most important part is the name IMO.
> I see MSELang like a new proposal for a modern language. I'm including some
> changes too, to the Pascal language in my compiler. There are people who
> thinks Pascal is perfect like it is, but I see, fortunately, you are not
> that kind of people, like I'm not.
> I believe, I will be glad on using MSElang. I don't like you are using
> LLVM, but anyway you are doing a great work.
Why, what would be the alternatives?

MSElang produces an intermediate code representation
which can be interpreted directly (mostly for testing purpose)
or converted to LLVM bitcode

If you like to write your own optimizer and code generator you can use the 
intermediate code. The quality of LLVM produced binaries is impressive, see 
for example
> Congratulations.


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