On Monday 17 July 2017 23:03:42 Fred van Stappen wrote:
> > > > Can't it been done in constructor of the thread?
> > >
> > >No.
> >
> > Please explain, I am interested on the background.
> Huh...
> After creating the thread, there are other things to do, like adding
> input-output, setting dsp's, ... And before all that work is done, the main
> loop-method has to wait before to run. Of course you may add condition in
> the main-loop (like a "while notstarted do sleep(10)") or use a RTL pause
> event.

The idea is that one uses parameters of tmythread.create() or one has a main 
container object with the thread worker loop and where the tmsehread is a 
subobject like in tthreadcomp. The thread will be created after setting up 
the environment. The question is if you need the thread-id for further 
settings. I assume not.

> But a published "run", like you did in your last commit (many thanks 
> for this) is much more easy.
"tmsethread.fstate" with its "ts_norun" flag has been placed in "private" by 
accident earlier.


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