> An example is here:
> https://gitlab.com/mseide-msegui/mseuniverse/tree/master/samples/thread/del

Hello Martin.


Indeed, with a demo it was **much** easier (but the battle was still hard).


- The main loop in the msethread (the sound): ---> perfect, fluent, no scratch, 
no problems, even with lot of dsp's.

- The graphic synchro in main loop of msethread: --> perfect, fast, no problems.

- RTLevents (for pausing the thread) work like charm (I like the "GlobalEvent" 
feature to pause/resume all the threads with one unique event).

Last commit of uos has in include.inc --> {.$DEFINE mse}
--> when using a mse project use msethreads and mse system.
commit: 52bf6b9..660737e

Last commit of StrumPract uses uos with {$DEFINE mse}.
commit: 8343c7e..28883ba
You may comment/uncomment {$DEFINE mse} and compile the project.

And compare fpc TThread vs mse msethread.

With eyes and ears.

Many thanks Martin.


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