On Monday 17 July 2017 01:45:03 Fred van Stappen wrote:
> Hello Martin.
> OK, the conversion (seems) done.
> There are no more errors, crashs nor warnings.
> But there is no sound too.  ;-(
> I do not catch what to do with the main-procedure-loop of the mse thread.
An example is here:
Why do you need the delayed start?

> Other thing.
> I use RTLEvent for pausing threads.
> Does msethreads accept it ?
Probably. MSEgui also has 
function sys_condcreate(out cond: condty): syserrorty;
function sys_conddestroy(var cond: condty): syserrorty;
function sys_condlock(var cond: condty): syserrorty;
function sys_condunlock(var cond: condty): syserrorty;
function sys_condsignal(var cond: condty): syserrorty;
function sys_condbroadcast(var cond: condty): syserrorty;
function sys_condwait(var cond: condty; timeoutusec: integer): syserrorty;
          //timeoutusec = 0 -> no timeout
          //sye_ok -> condition signaled
          //sye_timeout -> timeout
          //sye_cond -> error
or use a tsemthread which has
   function semwait(const atimeoutus: integer = 0): boolean;
   function sempost: boolean; //true if not destroyed
   function semtrywait: boolean;
   function semcount: integer;


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