Hello Martin.

> What do you mean with "1, 2, 3, 4 trick"?

---> https://gitlab.com/mseide-msegui/mseuniverse/tree/master/samples/math/fft

Your demo will be my 1, 2, 3, 4 trick.

I get already the 1 and 2 but 3 and 4 are missing.

In your fft example:

A array is assigned to fftcomp:
fftcomp.inpreal:= ar1;

Also fftcomp.windowfunc is defined.
But what is the usage of windowfunc ?

After this fftcomp.outreal produces a new array of float:
frequdisp.traces[0].ydata:= fftcomp.outreal;

Here are the 3 and 4 that I am missing.

What appends to the original ar1, what did the fftcomp to any of the data ?
I suppose that windowfunc has to do with it, but I do not understand what he 

On fft demo, on the right side, frequdisp, that uses frequdisp.traces[0].ydata, 
(the new fft array) what does it show ?

Does fftcomp deals with channels (or must the array be split before)?

By the way, one more time, I am ***very*** impressed.

Other thing.

I have found all the parts to make run my new toy: a RPi3B.

Last nigth, installation offline of:

--> micro-sd --> Rpi --> in one shot, out of the box.

--> install.sh --> in one shot, out of the box.

--> in one shot, out of the box.
(Only a symlink must be added: libX11.so to libX11.so.6).

--> compile existing msegui projects --> ok --> run --> **OK**



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