Hello Martin.

>> (Only a symlink must be added: libX11.so to libX11.so.6).

> The libx11-devel package is needed.

Of course, and Xorg is installed by default on many graphic distro.

But all that distros give now in Xorg package, as "root" symlink to the X11 

--> libX11.so.6 (no more symlink libX11.so).

It is the same for FreeBSD.

I do not know why.

So, to link MSE objects, you have to do this first:

# sudo ln -s /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/libX11.so.6 

And after this linking is possible.

Could it be possible to define lX11 as libX11.so.6 in place of libX11.so in MSE 
code ?
(or do a check if libX11.so.6 exists and point to this ?)

I know that it is a detail, create a symlink is not hard work.
But it makes msegui a little less "install out of the box".

As you can see, after a week of exploring MSEgui on RPi3, I did find only this 
to criticize.

> And nonetheless there is no interest in Rpi community for MSEide+MSEgui.

Things will change when they will see what MSE can do.


MSEgui works perfectly on RPi3.

ideU is voice-assisted (out-of-the-box) on RPi3 too.

Your assisted interface works like charm.

Many thanks.

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