On 2017-08-14 14:34, Fred van Stappen wrote:
A Linux/FreeBSD fpc release was compiled using the pascal headers for libX11.so.6 and 
using symlink libX11.so >> libX11.so.6.0.8.

Fred, as they tried to explain in the FPC mailing list, it is the way Unix-type systems have worked for decades. The issue you mention is also not just limited to libX11.so, but to any libraries that FPC has header translations too. I have had similar issuer with database access too. It's annoying, but the way Unix-type systems have always worked. The *.so files (without version in the name) always links to the latest version. Luckily most libraries in Unix don't change major version numbers very often. ;-) The other lucky thing is that backward compatibility with popular libraries are pretty darn good. No guarantee of that when major versions changes though, but still pretty good.

I guess what you are proposing is that the FPC in Free Pascal should be updated so also versioned libraries (probably with major version only. eg: libX11.so.6) are searched for. The issue has been around for so long, I doubt the FPC will bother making such a change. If somebody contributes such a patch, it might go some way to resolve the problem.

  I know the fcl-db code has been updated a few years back to
  search a few more named posibilities. But no other parts of
  the FCL was ever updated in a similar way.


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