> I'll fork it and use initializedynlib() from msedynload which loads 
> dynamically. It will take a while...

Excellent idea and or freedom, I can be patient.

> BTW, the code is not buggy.

As explained to Graeme, if, like they said, the right way is to use lib***-dev 
then there is a bug.

Total logic would be that fpc uses also libc-dev and his link libX11.so.

But in the fpc code they do:

LIBC_SO = 'libc.so.6' instead of LIBC_SO = 'libc.so'

So to follow their logic, it is a bug to not use 'libc.so' .

( But, for me it is the opposite, using LIBC_SO = 'libc.so' is a bug and using 
LIBC_SO = 'libc.so.6' is the right way ).

I am happy that you will do a MSE-libx11 (but I am sad that you did not 
understand what I try to explain).

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