> Why, for example for libc.so.6 (needed to compile fpc himself), fpc does not 
> use libc-dev and the libc.so created ?

Sory, I am hot, I cannot resist.

For me, fpc act as very selfish. For himself and the libraries needed to 
compile himself ---> ok, the good soname is used.

But for all that fpc does need --> a wrong using of libxxx-dev.

Also, I did read the doc of linux- maintenance. The use of libxxx-dev is only 
for C developpers who wants to test the last dev-release.  And for this, they 
may use the c headers provided by  libxxx-dev + the "root-for-development" 

And all the blabla that the fpc gurus give is only blabla of lazy and old 
developers who do not want to change their mind.

But I see that nobody want to understand that I try to explain , so I give up. 
(Trust me, it is very rare, I usually never give up).


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