On Wednesday 16 August 2017 15:52:38 fredvs wrote:
> Hello Graeme.
> OK, understood that libX11.so is needed for linking against that library.
> But ( aaargh, I am unbearable), is it really needed to link libX11.so ?

> Could fpc do like it does for libc, consider libX11 as a "coomon" library
> and only load it (without to link it) ?
They could link to libX11.so.6 because there is probably no system which has 
libX11.so.5 today and if there is one it most likely is incompatible (thats 
the matter of major version numbers) and there probably never will be a 
libX11.so.7 because X11 "is dead anyway" and if there is one it will be 
I fear it will never happen, I long gave up on FPC for pragmatic solutions and 
changes on behalf of the users other than Delphi compatibility or the direct 
benefit for core members.


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