On 2017-08-17 07:18, Martin Schreiber wrote:
I don't understand why FPC uses the version-less library
names instead of the mayor version names where the bindings are made for.
Maybe a misunderstanding happened at ancient times...

No, they are simply following the guidelines of Unix-type systems - doing everything correctly by the book. The recent URL I posted (see below) explains it in details. In short, the linker doesn't handle versioned names (it doesn't know how - even after 30 years). Hence when you compile C code with GCC, the -l parameter simply takes the base name of the library your code depends on. The 'lib' prefix and '.so' suffix are added later. The unversioned symlink supplies the correct versioned library information that must be added to the SONAME field in the ELF binary. The resulting binaries *always* point to versioned SO libraries, as ldd and objdump shows.



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