Hello Martin.

Im deep in mse dock.

OK, "simple" main dock form is working impressive perfectly.

Floated forms the same.

Now time to jump into "tabed" main dock form.

This to give 3 layout options in main menu (Dock, Tab, Float).

Maybe you remember when I was taking about the hint of the grip for docked
forms that does not appear like wanted.
What I did understand is to use for changing the hint of grip panel:

---> dragdock.caption := ' Use this to Drag Drop the Song Player window '

But for me it does not appear in grip-panel, in place the title of the form
appears as hint when moving mouse on grip panel.

But now I know where he is! 

This reveals where it was hidden:

--->  basedock.dragdock.currentsplitdir:= sd_tabed; 

See picture:

Could it be that it was inverted (the caption of the tab should be the title
of the form and reverse for the grip-panel) ?

Or maybe I am mixing things.

Anyway, I did change dragdock.caption to have correct tab title.
(Of course, if tab-layout is choosed, main-menu should have less items, but
that is for tonigth...).

See picture2.

Other thing.
When doing this:
--> basedock.dragdock.currentsplitdir:= sd_tabed;
OK, main form becomes tabbed.

But how to come back with a no-tabbed main dock form ?
This does not do the trick:
--> basedock.dragdock.currentsplitdir:= sd_none;

The main form stay tabbed ;-(

Other thing:
When selecting a tab, the heigth of main form is changed, how to keep or
change by code the size of main form when a tab is selected ?

And how to play with the tabs, how to know what tab was selected and assign
a method for each tab selected ?

The goal is to have auto-size of main form when a tab is selected to keep
the same size as the original size of the form selected by the tab.

OK, I stop for now.

Many thanks.


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