Hello Martin.

>> This to give 3 layout options in main menu (Dock, Tab, Float). 
> You know that it is possible to switch to tabs by dragging the grip ?

Now I know ;-) --> magnifique.

> Split caption can be activated by
> <dockwidget>.frame.grip_options go_showsplitcaption. 

OK, done but... what is it for? I do not see any change in hint of grip
panel.... I want to write in the hint of the grip what you explain just
before. But only in the hint of the grip, not change the caption of the

>>The main form stay tabbed ;-( 
> basedock.dragdock.currentsplitdir:= sd_horz; 

Excellent, it works like charms.

> dragdock.onlayoutchanged will be called too,
> dragdock.activewidget returns the active docked widget, it can be nil. 

Perfect, I get what I want.

Other thing.
I try to customize the tabs of the main dock form.
For this I did:

---> basedock.drackdock.tab.frame.tframecomp1

where tframecomp1 has rounded corner in parameters (like in ideU-tabs).

But the tabs do not become rounded ;-(

It could be that tframecomp1 is not ok, but I checked and it has the same
parameters than ideU-tabs.

It is like it apply round corner for the main frame, not the tabs.

Also, this is ok for changing the height but the faceactivetab does not
change the color of tab: --->

procedure tmainfo.onchangelayout(const sender: tdockcontroller);
if (basedock.dragdock.currentsplitdir = sd_tabed) and
(basedock.dragdock.activewidget <> nil) then 
if basedock.dragdock.activewidget = drumsfo then 
height := 275;
basedock.dragdock.tab_faceactivetab := drumsfo.tfacedrums
end else
if basedock.dragdock.activewidget = guitarsfo then 
height := 105;
basedock.dragdock.tab_faceactivetab := guitarsfo.tfaceguitars;
end else




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