First and foremost I would like to personally thank Peter Bigot for his
efforts on maintaining the mspgcc toolchain before TI/RedHat took over
and developed their own and then for still caring enough to aid with
community builds for the msp430-elf toolchain. I feel this must be
addressed, given that this effort has been made even when, I believe,
there is some friction between TI/RedHat and Mr. Bigot himself.

That being said, I would like to mention that I have released a few
PKGBUILDs for Arch Linux which are able to build packages that can be
installed in that system. These may be found in the AUR [1]. I am using
binutils 2.25, gcc 5.2.0, newlib and the latest snapshot
of TI headers and linker scripts.

If you decide to use these in your Arch Linux system, please report any
bugs you find with these PKGBUILDs and packages over in the AUR and not
here. Also, I am sorry, but I am unable to provide packages for other
distributions as I only utilize Arch Linux.

With that being said, thank you again for all your efforts, good sir.



On 09/21/2015 04:05 PM, Peter Bigot wrote:
> My archive of msp430-elf releases at
> has been updated to include  The bottom of the README includes
> a description of the version numbering used by TI.  This new release does
> include a few fixes/enhancements in the compiler, the first since
>, but is fundamentally the same GCC version as the original TI
> release one year ago.
> I no longer use MSP430 and at some point will stop updating my archive.
> Earlier this summer I was using the upstream gcc+binutils (5.0.0-based at
> the time, selected specifically for C++14 support), built as documented at
>  Stock GNU tools work fine
> with MSP430 now, though they sometimes do lag in applying patches that
> appear in the TI fork.  Only the device-specific headers and linker scripts
> from TI (also in my archive) are necessary when using upstream versions.
> Peter
> On Sun, Sep 20, 2015 at 11:31 PM, Mark Rages <> wrote:
>> On Sun, Sep 20, 2015 at 10:17 AM, Ghannouchi, Youssef
>> <> wrote:
>>> Hello GCC-enthusiasts,
>>> We are pleased to announce a new stand-alone & open source release
>> (v3.5.0.0)  of MSP430 GCC available for download here<
>>> !
>>> The stand-alone package includes all binaries, the source code and
>> MSP430 device specific support files.
>>> The MSP430 GCC build is also available in CCSv6 App Center on all
>> platforms (Windows, Linux and Mac OSX).
>> What version of GCC is it?  Neither 3.5.0 nor 14r1-364 are GCC version
>> numbers.  Development of GCC 3.x ended a decade ago.
>> Regards,
>> Mark
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