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> I no longer use MSP430 and at some point will stop updating my
> archive. Earlier this summer I was using the upstream gcc+binutils
> (5.0.0-based at the time, selected specifically for C++14 support),
> built as documented at
> http://pabigot.github.io/bsp430/msp430elf.html.  Stock GNU tools work
> fine with MSP430 now, though they sometimes do lag in applying
> patches that appear in the TI fork.  Only the device-specific headers
> and linker scripts from TI (also in my archive) are necessary when
> using upstream versions.

Things have come a long way since I first started using mspgcc about
11 years ago.  I'm glad TI stopped dragging their feet and acting
generally obstructive and got behind gcc.  I'm no longer an active
user of the '430, but I'd like to extend my personal thanks to
everybody who worked on mspgcc over the years (especially in the old
days) -- and thanks/congratulations to whoever at TI finally slapped
some sense into management at TI and got them to support gcc.  Back in
the day it must have been embarassing to many at TI to see how highly
everbody regarded Atmel due to thier commitment to gcc and
open-source.  [Expecially considering how annoying and hard to support
the AVR architecture was compared to the '430.]

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