So I was able to get it imported but my client does populate the data. 
This is the MIF from SMS07

Start Component


Start Group

Name = "Division Indicator"

ID = 1

Class = "Microsoft|DivisionMIF|1.0"

Start Attribute

Name = "Division"

ID = 1


Storage = Specific

Type = String(100)

Value = "Division of Office Group"

End Attribute

End Group

End Component

This is the MOF for 2012

[ SMS_Report (TRUE),
  SMS_Group_Name ("Division Information"),
  SMS_Class_ID ("Microsoft|SMXDivisionMIF|1.0"),
  Namespace ("\\\\\\\\.\\\\root\\\\cimv2") ]
class Division_Indicator : SMS_Class_Template
    [ SMS_Report (TRUE), key ]
    String     Division_Indicator;

On 10/13/16, Sherry Kissinger<> wrote:
what is your actual, entire MOF file that you are trying to import?  the whole thing?

On Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 9:16 AM, Stefanie Burton <> wrote:

I am working on a migration from 07 to 12.

We have a CM07 mif located on every client that identifies Office group membership for each workstation.  Several collections are based on this Office group membership.  

Now that we are migrating on CM12 side I tried to import the MOF. However the file will NOT import.  After several modifications to the file, it is clear that the file will not import due to the special characters in the the class name.  


If I remove the pipes and the period the file will import.  However, the mif file on each system has the class name including the pipe and period.

Is there anyway to enter the class name


In CM12?

The alternative would be change the MID on each system.  That's really not an alternative.

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