That's the resource ID, probably just pointing to the wrong column.

Daniel Ratliff

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Great suggestion. I found the dashboard below. The only oddity, is DeviceName 
comes up as some string of numbers:


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Is Power BI an option for a reporting platform? The desktop version is free, 
you would need licenses if you wanted to publish the reports to the "cloud". If 
this is an option, there are a few SCCM Power BI templates available. This path 
will also make it easier to pull data in from other sources that you might want 
to show in a dashboard.


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Hey all,

I'm looking to create a high level dashboard report for management. Is anyone 
doing something similar to the link below? What other data do you display? 
Could you provide a report for me to try?

Side note, the above report seems to pull in too many OS results. I'm guessing 
it's including obsolete records?

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