Hi !!

 >> By the way, the text of the first disk is finished.
 RT> When do you think the whole will be finished ? ...Randar 3 is of great

Oof ... I hope to finish it soon, but I have to do many things: work, study,
musics for Pentaro 2 ...... Let's say I could finish it in four or five months.

 RT>  interest to me and therefore I wanted to make a translation of it.
 RT> If
 RT>  you are going to translate it to Spanish first, I might as well still

Well .... We'll release both Spanish and English translations at once :)
I'm working on it in Spanish because it's my native language, but I'll
translate it to English when I finished the coding.

 RT>  translating this game to English. Randar 3 is one of my favourites,
 RT> so I'd enjoy doing it and perhaps it'll be completed sooner than when
 RT> you translate it to Spanish first.

If you wish, you could make an English translation (of course)
If you have any trouble about meaning of any part of the text, just ask to me!


Do you have the Hnostar magazine?  My friend (the same that is helping to me
with the japanese) has written an article about Randar 3. Check it!

 RT> I heard rumours, some years ago, maybe three or four or so, that
 RT> there
 RT>  already was a Spanish translation of Randar 3 in Spain... Isn't that
 RT> true ?

I don't know. BTW, I never heard these rumors ...

Salidos, digo ... Saludos.
Apdo. Correos 3294  18080 Granada

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