anything I can do to get started? Any pointers how your current
continuous integration system works? Somebody mentioned that the
CI on github is broken a while ago, is that still true?

Cheers, Mario

On 30.08.2016 13:27, Mario Emmenlauer wrote:
> On 30.08.2016 13:06, Alexpux wrote:
>>> 30 авг. 2016 г., в 11:16, Mario Emmenlauer <ma...@emmenlauer.de> написал(а):
>>> I was wondering if people would like to have a "stable" repository?
>>> I was thinking that when a plateau is reached (majority of packages
>>> compiles fine), the current snapshot could be copied to stable. In my
>>> eyes, the essential requirement would be that all base packages compile
>>> fine. Everything else could be handled a bit ad-hoc.
>> Hi, Mario!
>> If someone want to support «stable» repo - we can talk about it.
>> There are some problem from my POV to support this.
>> 1. Who will decide that package is stable?
>> 2. You can’t just copy builded package from current repository and place it 
>> «stable». You must rebuild it agains «stable» set of packages.
>> 3. Who will maintain all of this work? I will not do any work with this 
>> sorry because my time is limited and now I have many other priorities than 
>> MSYS2.
> I can maybe do parts of this work. My company has a bit of free
> resources. But you must help me understand what am I up against?
> What is your current build system? Is it Windows-based? How many
> resources does it need? What is the size of the package repository?
> How much traffic do you currently have?
> I have one idle build server (4 Core Xeon with 16GB Ram) that can
> host a build system. I guess "stable" does not change hourly, so
> maybe one machine is sufficient? My company webserver has 0.5TB of
> free disk, and 100MBit internet link in a good IT centre in Europe.
> I could host some packages, and maybe even your dokuwiki(?)

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