We are seeing more activity with MTT development, and there is a desire to
push to a formal release at some point in the not-to-distant future. As
such, I think it is time to clean up/out the issues on GitHub. Quite a
number of those issues are feature ideas that we came up with that were
never investigated.

So I propose that we do the following. All of which is open for discussion,
and I can take point on making the changes once we settle on what we want.

 1) Mark all existing milestones as completed.
 2) Create a v4.0 milestone to track development to the 'first' release
(why not v1.0 - see [A] below)
 3) Any issue filed against "Future" will be filed instead against

 1) Create a "work in progress" label - for PRs in progress
 2) Create a label for each of the major parts of MTT
    - "Perl Client"
    - "Python Client"
    - "Reporter"
    - "Database"
    - "Server"
 3) Create a "Wishlist" label where we can label wild enhancement ideas
that we would like, but know we have no time to pursue in the near future.
That way it is easy to get a list of neat things to do for people wanting
to jump in.
 4) Create an "Archive" label

 1) All existing issues get labeled with "Archive" in addition to their
existing labels

What do folks think? Did I miss anything?


[A] There was informal v1.0 / v2.0 / v3.0 waypoints in the history. I
didn't want to suggest removing those incase that history is important to
us in the future. However, I'm open to discussing removing them too.

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