Hi All

I'm the QA Manager at Allinea, a small company that produces the DDT
Parallel Debugger and MAP Parallel Profiler, and we spend a lot of
time manipulating MPI environments to get our debugging and profiling
to work. In particular for the MAP profiler, which is a sampling one,
we want to record time spent in MPI calls and metrics like bytes
send/received. Just observing the stack trace proved unsatisfactory,
so we now have a wrapper library for MPI routines that disables
sampling during MPI calls and collects timing information and metrics

We want to ensure we've wrapped all key routines (ones that involve
significant communication and time) and test that our sampling
technique is robust.

I did have preliminary discussions with Jeff Squyres in the spring
about using MTT for testing DDT/MAP, and we may still want to go down
that route, but I suspect its rather overkill for what I want at the
moment, which is to run MAP against a simple test code that calls all
known MPI functions for a few seconds each, and see how our wrappers

Does anyone know of a simple test code that exercises all the routines
in the MPI 1 and 2 standards that I could use?



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