I don't think such a tool exists, or at least not at the extent you expect. I 
know two testing application that might qualify (at a lesser extent) to what 
you're looking for:

1. the IMB test suite.
2. The MPI_test_suite developed at HLRS for PACX-MPI and then for Open MPI. I 
couldn't find the sources on the web, but if you have access to the Open MPI 
testing suite you can find it in the directory mpi_test_suite.


On Aug 13, 2013, at 11:00 , John Bray <> wrote:

> Hi All
> I'm the QA Manager at Allinea, a small company that produces the DDT
> Parallel Debugger and MAP Parallel Profiler, and we spend a lot of
> time manipulating MPI environments to get our debugging and profiling
> to work. In particular for the MAP profiler, which is a sampling one,
> we want to record time spent in MPI calls and metrics like bytes
> send/received. Just observing the stack trace proved unsatisfactory,
> so we now have a wrapper library for MPI routines that disables
> sampling during MPI calls and collects timing information and metrics
> manually.
> We want to ensure we've wrapped all key routines (ones that involve
> significant communication and time) and test that our sampling
> technique is robust.
> I did have preliminary discussions with Jeff Squyres in the spring
> about using MTT for testing DDT/MAP, and we may still want to go down
> that route, but I suspect its rather overkill for what I want at the
> moment, which is to run MAP against a simple test code that calls all
> known MPI functions for a few seconds each, and see how our wrappers
> cope.
> Does anyone know of a simple test code that exercises all the routines
> in the MPI 1 and 2 standards that I could use?
> Thanks
> John
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