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Subject: Re: [music-dsp] Wavetable File Formats?

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Date: Wed, March 14, 2018 6:39 am

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> Some years ago I tried to make a "stretched partials" sawtooth this way

> and found that the tables get prohibitively large

the *number* of wavetables gets large, right?� is that what you mean?

it doesn't have anything to do with the size of the wavetable.
with gigabytes of memory and 64-bit addressing space, i am not sure what is 
"prohibitive".� a regular sampled note can easily take up 1/2 meg.� how many 
2048-point wavetables can you fit into that space?�
or in a meg?� or 4 meg?

> since you are restricted to common devisors or integer multiples for the

> "spin cycles"�and phase steps of the partials.
yes.� that is true.


> The second lowest partial needs to make at least one spin cycle, and

> all higher partials need to make an integer multiple of that
yes.� (but the integer multiple could be 1.)
> which also makes their detuning relationships unnatural compared to

> for instance a piano tone.

more unnatural than flat?

that the lower sharpened harmonics are detuned by, say, +5 Hz while higher 
harmonics are detuned by +10 Hz and still higher harmonics are detuned by 15 
Hz?� that's unnatural (in comparison to flat, exact integer harmonic frequency 
ratios for all of the partials)?
BTW, i really like the
term "spin cycle".� sorta associates this cylinder with that in a washing 

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