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Thank you very much, Sir!

You're highly welcome, Sir!

But why the warning about multimode lattice filters?
In my case, this comes way too late!

I'm not sure I'm fully following you... Or are you referring to this:

New additions:
- Generalized ladder filters

You mean, why isn't this discussed in Chapter 5? Well, good question. But in the same sense, one could ask why generalized SVF doesn't come in Chapter 4. Chapter 8 is specifically concerned with building filters with arbitrary transfer functions of arbitrary orders, whereas Chapters 4 and 5 rather deal with structures commonly used in synths (more or less), and from this POV it belongs there. Also, had I discussed it in Chapter 5, it would have been difficult to derive it from the generalized SVF idea, which in my opinion is highly educative.

Actually, are you by any chance aware of this structure being discussed elsewhere? Haven't encountered anything like that so far (not that it's difficult to derive ;) ), just wanted to build a nonlinear 2nd kind Butterworth filter of 4th order, so needed something like that ;)

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