I agree.  My original idea was to do this: put the music into includable
files, e.g. allegro.ily, andante.ily, presto.ily.  Then use the ily files
to create individual movements and the suite or sonate: allegro.ly,
andante.ly, presto.ly, sonate.ly.  That way if the music has to be changed,
it will change in the individual file and the aggregate file.

What I'm trying to avoid is a sonate.ly which is just a cut and paste of
the movements.

Knute Snortum
(via Gmail)

On Wed, May 14, 2014 at 1:07 AM, Federico Bruni <f...@inventati.org> wrote:

> I would not "hard-code" the numbers in the names. If you have a file for
> the whole suite, which includes all the movements in the right order, you
> have already defined the order. Cleaner and more flexible, in my opinion.
> On 14 maggio 2014 04:46:22 CEST, Knute Snortum <ksnor...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> I brought up the problem here of how to present a set of movements that
>> can be individually downloaded and yet allow the user to play the suite as
>> a whole in the correct order.  The easiest solution was deemed the best,
>> that is, rename the movements with numbers as the beginning of their name
>> so that the order is evident.
>> To that effect, I'd like to propose the renaming of these files.
>> First, from
>> The-Mutopia-Project\ftp\BachJS\BWV814\french-suite-3\french-suite-3-lys
>> 01-bach-french-suite-3-allemande.ly
>> 02-bach-french-suite-3-courante.ly
>> 03-bach-french-suite-3-sarabande.ly
>> 04-bach-french-suite-3-menuet.ly
>> 05-bach-french-suite-3-trio.ly
>> 06-bach-french-suite-3-gavotte.ly
>> 07-bach-french-suite-3-gigue.ly
>> Second, from
>> The-Mutopia-Project\ftp\BachJS\BWV817\french-suite-6\french-suite-6-lys
>> 01-bach-french-suite-6-allemande.ly
>> 02-bach-french-suite-6-courante.ly
>> 03-bach-french-suite-6-sarabande.ly
>> 04-bach-french-suite-6-gavotte.ly
>> 05-bach-french-suite-6-polonaise.ly
>> 06-bach-french-suite-6-bourree.ly
>> 07-bach-french-suite-6-menuet.ly
>> 08-bach-french-suite-6-gigue.ly
>> Knute Snortum
>> (via Gmail)
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