I would put all the changes into one pull request (I wouldn't even use a
branch) but Glen has said (and this document [1] implies) that there should
be one file per branch per pull request.  I admit that this seems strange
but I'm trying to do things the Mutopia way.


Knute Snortum
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On Wed, May 14, 2014 at 7:55 AM, Federico Bruni <f...@inventati.org> wrote:

> Il 14.05.2014 16:20 Knute Snortum ha scritto:
>  I love it.  A while ago I asked how to create a single all-movements
>> suite file and this is exactly what I needed to see.
> Great!
>  Now I need to know how to submit this.  One branch and pull request
>> for each movement separately and one for the suite?
> Why splitting in two pull requests? The suite file is quite trivial
> (there's only the header to check).
> I would use one branch for everything, hence one pull request.
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