Hi Knute,

The issue of collections, availability of a consolidated PDF including all 
pieces as well as individual pieces, maintainability, and support within the 
current structure and automation is a great topic to discuss.

I've created a discussion topic in github to collect proposals and discuss 

Specific to your proposal, one issue is having all source files that produce 
individual and consolidated PDF in same folder.  I believe we don't support 
multiple (published) pieces to reside in same folder.


Leveraging Lilypond music source to produce multiple docs is possible 
(individual print vs. collection edition), but it certainly doesn't come for 
free with respect to added complexity and future maintainability.
On Wednesday, May 14, 2014 9:19 AM, Federico Bruni <f...@inventati.org> wrote:
Il 14.05.2014 17:02 Knute Snortum ha scritto:
>> I would put all the changes into one pull request (I wouldn't even use
>> a branch) but Glen has said (and this document [1] implies) that there
>> should be one file per branch per pull request.  I admit that this
>> seems strange but I'm trying to do things the Mutopia way.
>> [1] 
>> https://github.com/chrissawer/The-Mutopia-Project/wiki/Setting-up-for-Contributions-via-GITHUB
>> [1]
>I don't know where in the link above you read that there should be one 
>file per branch per pull request.
>I would say that every branch is always connected to the same pull 
>request (see the Notes at the bottom of the wiki page above). Which 
>means that you must create a new branch when you want to submit a new 
>pull request (a new set of work).
>You can change as many files as you need, as long as they belong to the 
>same kind of work you are doing in your topic branch. If the topic 
>branch is updating the tagline of all the Mutopia pieces, then you'll 
>work on a lot of files in different directories. If you are updating a 
>piece, you'll probably have just one or more files in a single 
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