Il giorno mer 3 dic 2014 alle 4:24, Javier Ruiz-Alma <> ha scritto:
Having a link to this guide would've made things easier for the few times I've copy/pasted code to compile some else's pull-requests. This doesn't happen often, though, so maybe you can create a new wiki page for advanced topics.

Ok, I'll add it in the afternoon.

Is it possible to also submit changes to someone else's open pull-request via github? If so, add a link to this too. Speaking for myself: I'd be lost on how to process a change request to one of my open PR's thru github.

Changing and updating your own pull request is very easy. You just have to work on the same branch used for that specific pull request (that's why using a different branch from master is highly recommended in github, unless you know that you are going to merge it immediately). You add a commit to that branch and push it to your remote/branch; the pull request will be updated automatically.

I don't think it's possible to submit changes to someone else's open pull request. You can upload the .patch file of your changes in the comments of the pull request, if you want the author of the PR to see your ideas. Or you can copy his branch in your repository and send a new PR, if you want to take up his work.

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